The New American Hunt

I Ain't A Part Of This System
  • The players begin by sitting a pub and are visited by a Patronus in the form of a squirrel. The voice emanating from the squirrel is recognized as the leader of the American District of the Aurors Office.
  • The players are given the task of hunting down Stuart Venable.
  • They are informed that he is a rogue wizard who flunked out of his psychological evaluation to become an Auror and thus decided to practice the Dark Arts.
  • The players are given the location of his former residence in Washington, D.C. as well as what charms are hiding it from muggle eyes (disillusionment).
  • At the house they find that it is completely deserted save for a glock 23 pistol upstairs on a stool and a map of Washington, D.C. with a small section circled with and X through it on the Dining Room table.
  • When they visit the location on the map they find the house to be similar to the former residence save for a dead body being in the living room who has a glock 23 pistol, bluetooth earpiece and a disposable cell phone.
  • Upstairs sitting on stool is Stuart who, upon seeing the players, says, “By doing this I have become more powerful than anyone ever has! The Grim shall rise to glory!” at which point FBI Agents break into the house through windows and doors.
  • After killing Stuart and getting captured by the FBI they discover the one they killed was an imposter who took polyjuice potion.
  • Eventually once they got their wands back they apparated themselves and Stuart to the former house, which they set up as their home base.
  • Using Legilimens on Stuart, the players discovered everything about Stuart, The Grim, Joseph, and Hunter 2 save for some operations and how Hunter 2 was planning on attacking the American District of the Auror Office.

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