Jillian McGormak

Auror who is working his way up the ranks


Basic Information

School: Graduate of Hogwarts
School Year: 7+5
House: Slytherin (+1 Sneaky and Duplicitous Actions)
Familiar: Vilrenn the Stag Beetle
Unique Situations: Animagus


Athletics: 4
+3 Fighting

  • +1 Brawling
  • +3 Dodge
  • +1 Fencing
    +1 General Athletics
  • +3 Climb
  • +2 Run & Jump
    Knowledge: 2
    +1 Ancient Runes
    +1 Astronomy
  • +1 Solar & Lunar Cycles
    Intrigue: 1
    +1 Prank
    +3 Sneak & Spy
    Magic: 11
    +4 Charms
  • +6 Spells
    +4 Defense Against The Dark Arts
  • +4 Dark Arts 4
    +2 Draughts & Potions
  • +1 Fungus Blood
  • +1 Imp Claw Stew
    +1 Herbology
  • +1 Fungi


  • Bag
  • Essence Of Dittiny
  • Bed Roll
  • Crackers
  • 10 Galleons


  • Veela Hair Core
  • Oak Wood
  • 10 Inches
  • +1 Incendio
  • -1 Augamenti


Incendio: +1, Spell, Creates Fire, Year 2
Apparate: +1, Charm, Teleport Self, Year 6
Disillusionment: +2, Charm, Turns Target Invisible, Year 7
Fiendfyre: +1, Spell, Fire In Shape Of Beasts, Year 6
Protego: +1, Charm, Shield Charm, Year 2
Sectumsempra: +1, Curse, Cuts Opponent Similar To Sword, Year 6


Fungus Blood Potion
Salve For Burns
Imp Claw Stew
Fights Off Illness
Essence Of Dittiny
Heals Wounds


Jillian was the definition of a loner in school. Having very few friends up until his fifth year, Jillian found enjoyment in sneaking about the grounds and avoiding the groundskeeper. In his fifth year he became friends with a first year named Aleka. During their many travels they wandered further and further away from the castle until eventually his school friend was killed by a misfired curse which hit a tree and collapsed on top of her. From that point on Jillian was determined to stop anyone else from being hurt due to magic and set his life towards becoming an auror. Once he reached his goal he immediately turned it to rising the ranks and eventually hoping to become Head of the Auror Office.

Jillian McGormak

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