Stuart Venable

Rogue Wizard



Going to school at the Durmstrang Institute for all of his schooling Stuart was able to build quite a large reptouire of magical knowledge. Eventually Stuart was able to graduate and went through Aurora training. After two and a half years of intense study and work Stuart failed the closing psychological evaluation and was dropped from the program.

Evil Rises

After his dream was torn away from him he instantly set about to learn the Dark Arts. He studied up on curses and the tactics of the late Lord Voldemort. He decided that the society which would have been built was one that would last for millenia and thus began setting about rebuilding the Death Eaters to their former glory.

The Grim

Obviously, with the fall of Voldemort having been almost been a decade ago most all of the Death Eaters Stuart had to set about building up a new following. Gathering a few dozen followers he renamed them The Grim. Realizing that the best place to build a following would be in America, he set his base of operations there.

Hunter 2

He then decided that rather than fight his American Auror foes head on, he would do a more covert path. Leaving a tip with the CIA he helped Joseph Baldwin create a secret sector of the CIA, known as Hunter 2, to hunt down wizards and witches around the world.

Little is the CIA aware that Stuart’s intentions are to weaken the wizarding world to the point of no return and then strike the United States government from the inside, seriously crippling it and giving him enough power to control the world.

Stuart Venable

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